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Xronos (Ο Χρόνος)

My first song with greek lyrics featuring unique vocals from singer-songwriter Ciélle!
You can stream/download it here: https://ffm.to/xronos

The title “Xronos” [kʰrónos] means “Time” and the chorus in English goes like this:

Time heals broken hearts
And wounded souls
Drowning in pain.
Time heals the pain
You left me with
I don’t care if you say it’s not your fault
Not your fault.

The song was one of the first I wrote around 2005! When I started releasing (two years ago) I tried quite a few times to translate it to English. However, each time it was losing the initial meaning. Fun fact, “Once Upon a Time” used an instrumental that was initially produced for “Xronos” and is a result of one of my attempts to translate it.

P.S. I am sure no one reads this. PLEASE if you do DM me (@jimmydemis) and let me know!

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